Sunday, April 25, 2010

Super Sweet 16

Turning 16 is such a turning point in someone's life and the celebration should be grand. That doesn't necessarily mean that you have to rent a limo, hire Snoop Dogg for a star appearance, and spend millions of dollars like on MTV's show My Super Sweet 16 (but please don't tell your child that I said that.)

My niece, Heather, turned 16 yesterday. Since her parents have yet to hit the lottery -which would be especially hard, since they don't even play- having Jason Mraz come to sing "LUCKY" was just not an option. LUCKY for them, Heather's a very sweet, down to earth girl and she's very easy to please. (by the way, did you get that awesome play on words...LUCKY for them...yeah, yeah, okay - back to the story. Sorry.)

Heather aspires to go to Paris after graduation, although her Daddy has his own ideas about that. You know how Daddy's can be, but, that's a whole different story.
Anyway, she has this great poster of the Eiffel Tower that she just adores. That poster became the the theme of the party. (If you ready the my last post: Choosing A Theme for Your Child's Birthday Party, you know that anything can become a theme)

It just so happens that my sister-n-law is an AMAZING confectionist and she makes the most beautiful things that you'll ever eat, so they decided to have a Sweets Buffet Open House from 1-4. It was a fantastic idea, since so many kids this age have sports or band practice, or other obligations on Saturdays. By having the Open House, no one felt pressured to be on time, or worse yet, missed the party altogether, since they were already an hour late. From 1-4, at any time, those that know and love Heather were invited to come and enjoy some time with her and wish her a Happy Birthday.

I made Heather's party invitations, the bag tags, thank you cards, and envelope seals as my gift to her. Laurie, Heather's mom, made all of the sweets for the buffet and it turned into one of the most beautiful parties that I have seen. I couldn't resist sharing with you some of the photos.

Here are her invitations, check out the poster in the third picture, this is what we built the theme from.
Note: I removed the address and phone information; which, of course, would normally be on the invitation

These were her gift that I took to the party. I made her Thank You cards/stationery/note cards and envelope seals. I coupled them with a Cross pen. It made for a great gift.

Isn't this just gorgeous? It was almost (ALMOST) too pretty to eat...but YUMMY!

Awesome Eiffel Tower cookies and pretty bag toppers, make for GREAT party favors.

Don't like cookies? WHAT? Don't like cookies...(weirdo.) No worries, we've got caramel corn.

So anyway, the whole point of this posting is that you don't have to be a millionaire to have a super sweet 16 party for your daughter/son. No super stars, no limousines, no second mortgages. Let her/him be the super star...and the best news of all is that you can satisfy your sweet tooth!


Moonangelnay said...

that is so special! what a lovely effort put forward for heather. i hope she had a lovely sweet 16th!

Glenda said...

It is so gorgeous. Is pretty and very well done. Im in the planing part for my ds and dd birthday parties next month.

New Beginnings Ink said...

Thank you, Moonangelnay. She loved it and it was so nice for me to be able to play a small part in her big day. She was so thrilled with the designs, and as usual, Laurie did an amazing job on the treats.

New Beginnings Ink said...

Hi Glenda. Thank you. What are you thinking of doing for your parties? If you have any questions or need help in generating some ideas, I'd be happy to brainstorm with you. I used to be an Activities Director at a community center, so I've thrown a TON of parties! You can email me at or post questions here. I'd be happy to help.

Dyche Designs said...

Wow that's gorgeous, I'm sure all the personal touches made it a special day and one she'll be sure to remember. :0)

New Beginnings Ink said...

Thank you, Dyche Designs. I cannot take credit for the set up, that was totally my sis-n-law. :)

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